Monday 11th May: The Easing of Lockdown

It’s not the end of lockdown, but it is the beginning of a new phase. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to write fifty poems since March 20th. In my fiftieth year this chance to pause has felt like a milestone, or even a gift.   Grateful In no other year Have I…

Sunday 10th May: A Space for Reflection

A Space for Reflection Water has to go somewhere you see. Stop its flow and it will appear inconveniently At the wrong moment. How much better for it to dwell here. Here is the resting place of the water. It dreams silently of moving sky and rooted green And calls out to us ‘I am…

Saturday 9th May: For a Friend

For a Friend It’s a day of grey Grief. Sand splinters sharp And blows my face raw. There is no Relief. The sea breaks in steel Waves. My thoughts tumble In salt. Into the wind My voice Raves. It is a day of grey Grief. I cannot bear the sun. Do not break, iron clouds…

VE Day (Friday 8th May): My Grandfather’s Button

VE Day: My Grandfather’s Button I like to delve Into the secret spaces and hiding places The pantry, the cellar, The front room with its airs and graces. I am twelve. When I come across a battered tin That used to have biscuits in. Now inside are buttons of every size A snackle of colour….

Thursday 7th May: I AM

I AM My name is joy. I rise sun-strong In a blue morning sky Woven by song. My name is hope. I am arms open wide. A gentle stream To walk beside. My name is faith. I am fanned into flame. Cup your hands around me As the wind sharps again.

Wednesday 6th May: It Takes a Village

 It Takes a Village The water birds shepherd their young In smooth community. A triumphant conglomerate Skim across the lake While around the edge Human parents trudge with their fractious offspring Alone and wishing for the sharing Of this task again.

Tuesday 4th April: The Tulip

The Tulip The tulips stand proud Feet in the water Except for the one that is dying. In such a group This single flower goes unnoticed, Seeking what it needs but not finding. But solitude And fresh filling reignite life again. Soak. Stretch out. Stretch up. Live.  

Monday 4th May: Breathe, Trust, Love.

Breathe, Trust, Love. Breathe my beloved, Slow your breath. Feel the silver confidence Of air at the back of your skull. Rest. Trust my beloved, I am here. Know my heartbeat. Lean your head against my chest. Come near. Love my beloved As I love you. Don’t keep to yourself The untold wealth of knowing…

Monday 4th May: Sour

I don’t know about you, but I experience emotions magnified right now. I wrote two poems today. They are very different to each other – like the emotions that prompted them. Sour Some days I feel sour Like an old apple With vinegar seeping from my pores. I am thankful for Your sweetness Flowing like thick…

Sunday 3rd May: Transformation

Transformation Turning on a stem In a tight woven coffin Does the promise of transformation Feel worth the pain? But think of the colour Of those outstretched wings, The blessing of the air. In this time of transformation Think what you will gain.

Saturday 2nd May: The Clutter

The Clutter The clutter has gathered In corners and spaces And hard to reach places Over the years. The assumptions and systems And fulfilment of cravings The febrile slavings. The futile tears. But now, the joy-painful sound Of the lifting of clutter, The return to the centre and The new hope to enter Reaches His…

Friday 1st May: The Time of Bikes

The Time of Bikes In the days of shooting brakes and hand signals there were more bikes than cars on these roads. Today the bikes are proudly reinstated. You and I could cycle two by two if we chose. On this perfect day the bikes again lead the way.